Appeal your rateable value

You can use this service to appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal for England. The Tribunal is not connected with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), (who set the valuation), or local Councils, (who collect the rates). To appeal, you must have been through the 'check' and 'challenge' stages with the VOA.

You must either:

  • have received a decision notice from the VOA, or
  • have made your challenges more than 18 months ago but have not received a decision notice from the VOA

If you have not received a challenge decision notice or if your challenge decision notice was received more than 4 months ago please call 0303 445 8100. 

By law, we need certain information from you to accept your appeal. We also have to share this information with the VOA. For more details of how we use your data, please refer to our privacy notice. 

You will be asked to attach the decision notice from the VOA so please have this available.

You will need the original proposal and both the evidence you supplied to the VOA and the evidence they supplied to you during the challenge stage. 

There is a fee to make an appeal.

The fee is £150 for a 'smaller proposer' or £300 for all other proposers. 

You must pay the fee by credit or debit card. 

This fee is refundable if your appeal is successful.

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Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

Different processes apply in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland